Starting in 2016 as an initiative led by Maria Helena Guimarães from ICAAM-Universidade de Évora, Tertúlias do Montado have been running uninterruptedly as a monthly/bi-monthly open discussion. These gatherings have been centered around the multiple challenges facing the sustainability of Montado HNV-Farming systems in central and southern Portugal. During this time, and in close alignment with research projects (including SUFISA) currently participated by the DYNAMO research team (, producers and other stakeholders have discussed issues related to the farm, animal, pasture, forestry and overall system sustainability. In addition, future alternative options for public (e.g. Results-Based-Payment Schemes) and private (Payment for Ecosystem Services Schemes) funding for sustainability have also been introduced and discussed. Along this initiative, diverse lectures, field visits, courses, demonstrations and seminars have been arranged under a trans-disciplinary research programme. Results from discussions have cross-fed with the beef/Montado case study in SUFISA and also with other projects, enriching the discussion about the financial sustainability of traditional farming systems in low-productive contexts. Results of previous discussions and programming for future ones can be fully accessed at:

iii. Further progress with examining the sustainability of olive grove expansion, initiated with SUFISA, and that will continue now with a new project funded by the EC PRIMA programme SUSTAINOLIVE (2015-2019)