Running in parallel to our SUFISA and NEWBIE project case studies in Portugal and funded by the European Parliament as a short-term action, researchers at ICAAM/Universidade de Évora looked at the existence of a “young farmer problem” in Europe This is a problem that has been recognized by scientists and policy-makers alike and is based on the widespread acknowledgement of the poor generational renewal rates in the farming sector and in particular in farmland management across the European Union. Focusing on Alentejo (NUTS II), in Portugal, researchers at ICAAM identified the difficulties YF face to accessing land, the high investment costs required to set up a farming unit, and the insufficient access to credit as the main reasons why young people are prevented from setting up their farming enterprises. Existing policy support measures targeting YF are widely perceived as inefficient with regard to triggering generational renewal. Full results are published in the journal Land (2019) and are available open-access at: