13th European IFSA Symposium Chania, Greece 1-5/07/2018
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Final Conference PEGASUS H-2020 project: Delivering environmental and social benefits from agriculture and forestry in a changing policy context Brussels, Belgium 7/02/2018
Muñoz-Rojas, J. Pinto-Correia, T.  Guiomar, N. The recent expansion of intensive olive groves in Alentejo
12th International European Forum (Igls-Forum) (163rd EAAE Seminar): System Dynamics and Innovation Food Networks Igls/Innsbruck, Austria 6-9/02/2018
Biely, K., Van Passel, S. The structure determines power imbalances: insights from systems thinking by means of the sugar beet case in Belgium.
15th Congress of the European Association of Agricultural Economists Parma, Italy 29/08/2017-01/09/2017
I. Bonjean, E. Lievens, E. Mathijs. Increasing Variety in Institutional Arrangements in Flemish Apple and Pear Farming
Maes, D., Vancauteren, M., Van Passel, S. Investigating Market Power in the Belgian Pork Production Chain.
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Minarelli, F., Galioto, F., Raggi, M., Viaggi, D. How different sources of information failure might contribute to inhibit product differentiation in the food supply chain.
XXVII European Society For Rural Sociology Congress Krakow, Poland 24-27/07/2017
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Münchhausen, S. v., Häring, A.M. Methodological Challenges in Analysing Farmers’ Business Strategies for More Sustainability in Farming.
6th AIEAA Conference Piacenza, Italy 15-16/06/2017
Biely, K., Maes, D., Van Passel, S. The Flemish sugar beet sector: a systems thinking perspective
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Farm and land system dynamics in the Mediterranean basin: integrating spatial scales, from the local to the global Avignon, France 1-2/12/2016
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Congress of European Farmers “Opportunities for European Agriculture: Green Growth and Dynamic Markets” Athens, Greece 5-6/10/2016
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9th Annual International Conference of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers London, UK 30/08/2016-2/09/2016
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22nd ISDRS Conference Lisbon, Portugal 13-15/07/2016
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12th European IFSA Symposium Newport, UK 12-15/07/2016
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5th Conference of the Italian Association of Agricultural and Applied Economics (AIEAA) Bologna, Italy 17/06/2016
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Conference on Agriculture in an Urbanizing Society Conference Rome, Italy 14-17/09/2015
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