Output to national stakeholders


Lievens, Eewoud (2018). Onderzoeksresultaten SUFISA-Project. Presentation of case study results at Studiekring Guvelingen. Sint-Truiden. 15/02/2019
Lievens, Eewoud (2018). Onderzoeksresultaten SUFISA-Project. Presentation of case study results at FRUCTURA, the triennial Belgian fair on tree fruit farming. Hasselt. 01/12/2018
Vanschoenwinkel, J., Moretti, M., Van Passel, S. The effect of policy leveraging climate change adaptive capacity in agriculture. Presented at Belgian Environmental Economics Day (BEED). 1/02/2018
Larvoe, N., Maes, D., Van Passel, S. (2017). Market power estimation methods in the agri-food sector: an assessment under Porter’s competitive forces. Presented at 18h PhD Symposium ‘Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics’ in Brussels 27/04/2017
Biely, K., Maes, D., Van Passel, S. (2016). The idea of weak sustainability is illegitimate. Research seminar at the division of Bioeconomics at KUL, Leuven 1/12/2016

Press appearances


VILT 25.09.2017 : Towards a more sustainable finance for agriculture in Europe
VILT 14.11.2017 : SUFISA builds on a more economic sustainable agriculture
VILT 08.04.2019: UHasselt maakt SWOT-analyse van suikerbietsector
VILT 25.04.2019: Vlaamse hardfruitsector verkeert in crisis

Diverse agricultural press in Flanders

SUFISA: een consortium om het huidige beleidskader van de Europese landbouwsector te hervormen zodat de duurzame keuze ook de logische keuze wordt voor boeren. In De Bietplanter. 1/10/2017.
Fruit Magazine January 2018. Article in Fruit magazine, the main channel for dissemination of fruit farming research to farmers in Flanders
België heeft eigen coöperatie nodig. In: Landbouwleven. 09/02/2018
A blogpost by CERA on their website about the results of the Belgian top fruit case. 10/04/2019
A blogpost about the farmers event in cooperation with the NEWBIE project


Biely, K. 10/03/2017. Stakeholder interaction is fundamental
Biely, K. 19/06/2017. Exchanging preliminary SUFISA output at the 6th AIEAA conference
Dutch summary of the fruit case on the research team’s blog , by E. Lievens, T. Avermaete, I. Bonjean, E. Mathijs

UH research BLOG

Biely, K. 12/09/2017. The beer game
Biely, K. 23.02/2017. The snow is great


Noe, E. ”Finansiering af fremtidens danske landbrug – Status og perspektiver” at Indlæg på sektorbestyrelsesmøde, Økonomi & Virksomhedsledelse | Afd.chef Jura & Skat, SEGES. 12/04/2018
Noe, E.; Thorsøe, M. Penge med mening – alternative finansieringsstrategier i dansk landbrug. Presented at Dansk Sociologi kongress SDU ESBJERG. 25/01/2018
Noe, E.; Thorsøe, M. Landdistriktsudvikling med Jordforbindelse. Presented at Dansk Sociologi kongress SDU ESBJERG. 25/01/2018

Press appearances

  • Thorsøe, M.; Noe, E. Background report: “Finansiering af fremtidens danske landbrug – status og perspektiver”. 16.11.2018.
  • Noe, E., Thorsøe, M. Newspaper article: “Hvem skal eje fremtidens jordbrug?” 28.04.2018.


Aubert, P.-M. Agroecology: from concept to policy making to impact, presented at General assembly of the Regional group for food quality. 26/06/2017
Aubert, P.-M. Climate change and food system dynamics: which transformation pathways? Presented at General assembly of the interbranch organization for organic agriculture and food. 25/04/2017

Press appearances

  • Schwoob, M.-H., Hege, E., Aubert, P.-M. Making the SDGs count in the CAP reform: an analytical framework. Published in IDDRI policy brief, March 2018.
  • Aubert, P.-M. Agriculture at the core of the ecological transition: what changes in the sector? Published in IDDRI blog post, November 2017.


Conference on organic oilseed rape production at HNEE 15-16/05/2019
HNEE seminar ‘Lessons learnt from the H2020 project SUFISA’

  • James Kirwan: General introduction to the SUFISA project()
  • James Kirwan: Planning a writing workshop()
  • James Kirwan: Results of the UK fisheries case study()
  • Katja Searles: SUFISA policy scenarios for Recircular aquaculture in northern Germany()
  • Julia Fleck: Enhancing the use of Twitter in a research project()
  • Susanne v. Münchhausen: Results of the DE aquaculture case study in Franconia()
Susanne v. Münchhausen: Input to strategic development of the working group ‘production and marketing’ of the Frankfurt Food Council. 20/03/2019
Münchhausen, S. v. (HNEE) in cooperation with Martin, G. (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Ministry for Agriculture). ‘Strategies for the cooperation of contract-based production of fingerlings in the protected environment of RAS?’. Presented at Germany Fishery Day 2018, Bonn 28/06/2017
Münchhausen, S. v., Knickel, Kh, Biely, K., Bonjean, I. (2016). Exploring Farmers Conditions, Strategies and Sustainability Performances with the CSP Model (Poster presentation). Gewisola conference,Bonn. 28-30/09/2016
Münchhausen, S. v.; Häring, A. M. (2016). Contribution to the participative process with several workshops for the development of the ‘Zukunftsstrategie Ökologischer Landbau’ (ZÖL); section ‘Organic Supply Chains’: Growth of value based chains for organic food. 24/05/2016 and 20-21/06/2016

All conferences and events are available to the German speaking audience on the specific SUFISA page of the HNEE website.

Press appearances


Vlahos G. Short presentation of the SUFISA project & call for participation in the SUFISA fisheries workshop at 4th Workshop of the committee for small pelagic in Kavala. 24/05/2017

Press appearances


Francesca Minarelli, Francesco Galioto, Meri Raggi, Davide Viaggi. Contribution to CCPB workshop, presenting the results of the questionnaire. 26/05/2017
Circulated questionnarie at the CCPB during Macfrut exhibition.. 11/05/2017

Press appearances


Grivins, M. (2018). Presentation of ‘Three arguments for sustainability’. Be green, clean or die! Don’t die, be Smart! Riga 17/05/2018
Grīviņš, M., Ādamsone-Fiskoviča, A. (2017). Diverse conditions faced and strategies used by farmers: case analysis of two agricultural sectors in Latvia. Socioloģijas nodaļas un Valsts pētījumu programmas SUSTINNO kopīgā sekcija “Attīstība un inovācijas izpēte Latvijā”. 75th Conference of the University of Latvia. 10/03/2017

Press appearances


Gorlach, P. Nowak, A. Dąbrowski (2016). Innowacje na tle dyskursu medialnego na temat obszarów wiejskich w Polsce. Presentation of SUFISA media analysis at the Polish Sociological Congress in Gdansk. 14-17/09/2016

Press appearances


Muñoz-Rojas, J. OLEA Network (Olive Oil)-R &D Project Day, Jaén Spain. Potentialities for olive oil R & D in Alentejo (Portugal). 25/01/2018
Muñoz-Rojas, T. Pinto-Correia (2016). Beyond Ecosystems: unravelling Mediterranean Rural Landscapes and related Services. III Iberian Conference of Landscape Ecology (Cáceres, Spain). 5-6/05/2016
José MUÑOZ-ROJAS; Teresa PINTO CORREIA. Bi-Polar Rural Territories?: assessing the complexity in the farming systems in Alentejo (Portugal)XVI Colóquio Ibérico de Geografia-Universidade de Porto (Portugal) 5-7/11/2018
Patricia C. Melo, Conceição Rego, Jose Muñoz-Rojas Spatial disparities in rural socio-economic performance in Portugal, 1991-2011 XVI Colóquio Ibérico de Geografia-Universidade de Porto (Portugal) 5-7/11/2018
EISTRUP, M.; SANCHES, AR; MUÑOZ-ROJAS, J; PINTO CORREIA, T. The impact of regultaions and economic structure in the establishment of new entrants and young farmers in Alentejo (Portugal). 05-07/11/2018 XVI Colóquio Ibérico de Geografia-Universidade de Porto (Portugal) 5-7/11/2018
Muñoz-Rojas, J., Pinto-Correia, T., Silveira, A. Shifting paradigms, shifting landscapes; a critical examination of the intensification and corporatization of olive groves in Alentejo (Portugal. “FONCIMED. Network for research and exchange on Mediterranean land tenure. 11th Annual Seminar “”Allocation of land resources in the Mediterranean area: legal practices and forms of regulation””, Meknes, Morocco, “) 8-10/11/2018
Marine Elbakidze, Diana Surova, José Muñoz-Rojas, Teresa Pinto-Correia, Tobias Plieninger. Perceived values of agroforestry landscapes in different European contexts: what matters and for whom? IUFRO World Symposium-Adaptive Management for Forested Landscapes in Transformations, Posadas (Argentina) 1-5/10/2018

Press appearances



Zaklina Stojanović: Elaboration of the main SUFISA findings in Serbia, presented at the session “The undergoing agricultural scientific projects” (the official session in the International Conference “SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN TERMS OF THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIA STRATEGIC GOALS REALIZATION WITHIN THE DANUBE REGION – sustainability and multifunctionality”), Belgrade. 12/2018
Z.Stojanovic. Urban agriculture – Serbia in the context of economic, social and environmental changes. Presented at Conference “PKB privatization – alternatives, economic and social consequences” (in Serbian). 10/05/2018
Z.Stojanovic, E.Manic, I. Jankovic, S.Popovic, B.Ristic. The agenda of participatory stakeholder workshop can be downloaded from the Sufisa share point. Presented at Participatory Stakeholder Workshop on challenges of raspberry and wheat sector in Serbia. 6/06/2017
Z.Stojanovic. Challenges of raspberry and wheat sector in Serbia and call for participation. (Workshop, June 2017) 16/05/2017
Zaklina Stojanovic (2016): Agricultural sector competitiveness, innovations and measures, (in Serbian) Agricultural sector in Serbia – current state and perspectives, Serbian Economists Scientific Society Conference, Belgrade 04/2016
Irena Jankovic (2016): The economic indicators of agricultural development in Serbia: An example of raspberry production and distribution (in Serbian), Agricultural sector in Serbia – current state and perspectives, Serbian Economists Scientific Society Conference, Belgrade 04/2016

Press appearances

  • Žaklina Stojanović (2016): The first SUFISA announcement to wider public in Serbia – Current state and perspective of agribusiness and rural areas in Serbia (in Serbian), published in Specialized journal “POLJOPRIVREDNIK” / eng. FARMER Source: Poljoprivrednik No. 2587/ 6.May 2016
  • Žaklina Stojanović (2019): Raspberry sector in Serbia – how can we improve sector profitability and sustainability? The leading specialized journal for farmers in Serbia (http://www.poljoprivrednik.net) published @sufisa_eu raspberry sector key messages/innovative solutions for “red gold” from Serbia
  • The Final SUFISA National Round Table in Serbia, April (11.04.2019) in Pancevo (Village Glogonj) – The Region of Vojvodina. The event was supported by the Association of Belgrade Economists and Institute of Agriculural Economics, Beograd. Reported in newspaper and TV – Source: http://rtvpancevo.rs/2019/04/11/poljoprivednici-glogonja-na-panel-diskusiji-o-unapredjenju-proizvodnje/ Video is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EtsrhRLtyw The local community newspaper “Pančevac” was also included in publication of the article about the project results and the final SUFISA event.

United Kingdom

Maye, D., Kirwan, J. and Chiswell, H. Seminar on SUFISA case studies: inshore fishing in Cornwall and dairy farming in Somerset at CCRI, University of Gloucesterhisre seminar series. 22/06/2017
Maye, D. and Kirwan, J. An introduction to SUFISA: Dissemination meeting with Defra fishing team at Dissemination meeting with Defra dairy team. 10/05/2017
Maye, D. and Kirwan, J. An introduction to SUFISA: Dissemination meeting with Defra dairy team at Dissemination meeting with Defra dairy team. 10/05/2017

Press appearances