WP 1    Conceptual Framework
Title Institution Download
D1.2 Refined conceptual framework UNIPI & KU Leuven
WP 2    Case study analysis
Country D2.2 Full report Summary
Belgium Full report Topfruit Sugarbeet        EN: NL:  FR:
Denmark Full report Dairy  Poultry 
France Full report Cereal  Dairy 
Germany Full report Fish  Oilseed
Greece Full report Dairy  Fish 
Italy Full report Aquaculture Wine Fish Mussels Pear
Latvia Full report Dairy  Wheat 
Poland Full report Apple  Wheat 
Portugal Full report Beef  Olive oil 
Serbia Full report Raspberry Wheat 
United Kingdom Full report Fish  Dairy 
Title Institution Download
D2.3 Comparative report University of Gloucestershire & KU Leuven
D2.4 Producer survey report University of Gloucestershire

Reports without a download button are currently only available upon request.

WP 3    Impact evaluation
Title Institution Download
D3.2 Asymmetric information assesment UNIBO
D3.3 Dynamic efficiency impact model UHasselt
D3.4 Sustainability performance assesment (sugar beet and dairy) UHasselt
D3.5 Value based sustainability indicators UHasselt
D3.6 Forecast Implications UNIBO
WP 4    Solutions and scenarios
Title Institution Download
D4.1 First identification of solutions and first set of draft scenarios IDDRI
D4.2 Final set of scenarios and their interpretation in terms
of solutions and strategies
D4.3 Delphi Report IDDRI
D4.4 Scenarios ready for dissemination IDDRI
WP 5    Multiactor involvement and dissemination
Title Institution Download
Project leaflet KU Leuven
Project booklet
WP 6    Management
This work package contains no deliverables to publish.