SUFISA final conference Krakow, Poland

//SUFISA final conference Krakow, Poland

SUFISA final conference Krakow, Poland

Final Conference Krakow – preliminary program

 18 – 19 March 2019


Location: Department of Sociology building

Jagiellonian University

Kraków,  52 Grodzka Street
(map below)

Available hotels

MONDAY, March 18, 2019

12:00 – 13:00 – visit to the Jagiellonian University Museum (optional), at 15 Jagiellońska Street (see the map)

13.30     Arrival and registration – coffee service (Dept. of Sociology, at 52 Grodzka Street) (see the map)

14:30     Welcome – (room 79)
Tessa Avermaete (KU Leuven)

14:45     SUFISA introduction – the key findings in a nutshell – (room 79)
Erik Mathijs, KU Leuven

15:20     Panel discussion about sustainability and future farming strategies – (room 79)
Moderator: Steven Van Passel (Hasselt University)
Members of the panel: TBD

16:10     Coffee break

16:40     The voice of SUFISA researchers (room 79)

17:10     The voice of SUFISA stakeholders  (room 79)

17:30     Closing and instructions for the workshops for Tuesday (room 19)

18:30     Afternoon meal at the Czeczotka Restaurant (see: the map)  sponsored by City of Kraków and Dept. of Sociology

19: 30 SUFISA – GET – TOGETHER – PARTY at the “Stary Port – Tawerna Żeglarska”, 27 Straszewskiego Street (see: the map).
Snacks and the first drink (beer) is supported by the Department of Sociology. Further drinks should be individually paid by participants (!!!)


TUESDAY, March 19, 2019 – Dept. of Sociology building at 52 Grodzka Street, rooms: 79, 81, 82

9:00        Parallel sessions

  • Workshop 1.1: Financial instruments and agricultural processes
    (insurance, loans, banker and farmer relations)
    Chairs: Mikelis Grivins (BSC) and Martin Thorsoe (AU)
  • Workshop 1.2: Workshop Isabelle on Risk Games. how DCE and experiments could be used to unravel farmers’ preferences for attributes of IA
    Chair: Isabelle Bonjean (KU Leuven)
  • Workshop 1.3: Supply chain arrangements to improve producer bargaining power (contracts, IAs, co-operation, fair trading practices, power issues …)
    Chair: Damian Maye (CCRI)

10:30     Coffee break

11:00     Parallel sessions

  • Workshop 2.1: Aquaculture (in cooperation with SUCCESS project)
    Chair: Susanne van Muenchhausen (HNEE)
  • Workshop 2.3: Strategies and conditions – focus on farmer as (rational) decision maker
    Chair: Martin Thorsoe (AU)
  • Workshop 2.4: Fair Trade Practices and value added, developing new markets / marketing
    Chair: TBD

12:30     Lunch break at the Department of Sociology building

Poster sessions on the case study work

14:00     Parallel sessions

  • Workshop 3.1: Risk Management  (RM tools, links between sc arrangements and risks …)
    Chair: Eewoud Lievens (KU Leuven), Mauro Viaggi (CCRI), Steven Van Passel (UHasselt) 
  • Workshop 3.3: Territorial differentiation – CAP doesn’t really address this issue. Novel pathways for regional agricultural policies.
    Chairs: Fabio Bartolini (UNIPI), Martin Thorsoe (AU), Daniele Vergamini (UNIPI), Mikelis Grivins (BSC)
  • Workshop 3.4: Future expectations – forecasting – what steers our expectations ?
    Chairs: Egon Noe (SDU)

15:30     Coffee break

15:50     Plenary session : SUFISA recommendations

The voice of SUFISA researchers

16:45     Closing the conference

17: 30 – 19:30 – dinner at the restaurant CZECZOTKA, Main Market Square (


Farewell to Krakow