On the 6th of May, the outcomes of the SUFISA project have been presented during a lunch seminar at DG AGRI. This feedback from the consortium to experts at DG AGRI is an essential phase in the SUFISA project and allows a dialogue on the implications of the project for European policy making. Three SUFISA researchers – Erik Mathijs, Damian Maye and Isabelle Bonjean – highlighted different perspectives and policy relevant outcomes of the project. All presentation are available for download.

  • Tailoring institutional arrangements to different farm(er) types, commodities and regions: Exploring ways to foster European farmers’ position in the supply chain. Dowload  Presenation MATHIJS Erik
    Erik Mathijs, Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics, SFERE, KU Leuven
  • The role of contractualisation and cooperative governance to manage market uncertainty in agricultural commodity markets: Empirical evidence from arable, dairy and fruit farming across Europe. Download Presentation MAYE Damian
    Damian Maye, Professor of Agri-Food Studies, CCRI, University of Gloucestershire
  • Heterogeneity in farmers’ preferences for risk and contract’s attributes: Behavioral evidence from a discrete choice experiment and a risk preferences elicitation task. Download Presentation BONJEAN Isabelle
    Isabelle Bonjean, Postdoctoral researcher, SFERE, KU Leuven