SUFISA interviews with members

George Vlahos

What are the key issues of concern for the sustainability and viability of farmers who make feta in Thessaly (Greece)?

Zaklina Stojanovic

What are the key messages from the SUFISA project?

José Munoz-Rojas

What did farmers and stakeholders appreciate about our engagement with them?

Adam Dabrowski

How should we best disseminate the findings of the SUFISA project?

SUFISA interviews with stakeholders

Carl-Christian Schmidt (1)

Why are producer organisations important for the fisheries sector and what does that have to do with the SUFISA project?

Carl-Christian Schmidt (2)

What is the key area of concern in aquaculture that we should address in the SUFISA project?

Felix Mittermayer

What makes a project like SUFISA interesting in your work?

Jozefina Kròl

Why are organisations like yours so important for a project like SUFISA?

Marco Contiero

Can a project like SUFISA really add something to the complex agricultural sector?

Valerie Vercammen

What are the key characteristics of the SUFISA project, and why are they relevant for the farming sector?